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Helisul Aviation is part of a study on the application of music therapy in the aeromedical service

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The use of music to ease the suffering of critically ill patients has been the subject of study by several researchers in the health field. The use of this technique is proven to be beneficial to humanize the hostile environment of an ICU, in addition to alleviating the stress and anxiety caused by the patient’s hospitalization. At the forefront of care in clinical care, Helisul Aviação participated in the pilot project of a scientific research on in-flight music therapy, published in theGlobal Journals of Medical Research.

The project had the participation of two doctors from the Company in the group of researchers composed by Andréa Oliveira, Alessandra Aparecida T. Neves, Michelle Taverna and Felipe Novak, coordinator of the Aeromedical department of company. According with the doctor. Novak, the publication reviewed the literature on how the music therapy technique can reduce stress and improve the vital data of critically ill patients who are transported. “We have been operating in the air medical transport service since 2011. We have experienced professionals, high-tech equipment and excellent aircraft. Participating in this pilot project is yet another innovation for the well-being of the patient and to further humanize our care”, he explains. </ Span>

As a finding of the study, the researchers observed that in highly technological environments, such as airplanes and helicopters, this alternative is effective in reducing flight stressors. “The impressions reported by patients and family members were the best possible. They felt more welcomed and comfortable during the transport”, he celebrates.

Dr. Novak adds that uniting Helisul Aviação – one of the largest companies in the aeromedical transport sector in the country – with scientific research aims to contribute to the production of academic knowledge based on practical experience and guarantees a service of operational excellence. “Helisul’s air medical transport sector is already a benchmark for excellence in Brazil. Our movement now is to democratize knowledge of our good practices and innovations so that academics, future professionals and scholars in the area can advance in their studies on the subject.”