Operational Safety is one of the pillars of our mission and a strategic component of the company’s business. Our processes, systems and day-to-day actions must always have, as a first consideration, the commitment to guarantee the safety of our customers, employees and third parties.

The. HELISUL TÁXI AÉREO LTDA is concerned about a safe and healthy work environment for its customers and employees. To this end, it adopts the protocols and best practices of the Aviation Industry that minimize the risks associated with both the operational environment and those arising from public health scenarios in the places where it operates.

b. The Operational Safety System is subsidized by the best investments and material and human resources, always thinking about the development and maintenance of the best safety processes and practices, also seeking international standards of excellence.

c. We believe that the culture of excellence in safety issues involves our company in all its departments, supported by an environment of dialogue and collaboration between all employees and their sectors. HELISUL TÁXI AÉREO LTDA promotes the principle of ethics and excellence in all its routines.



d. Training and recycling are established pillars of aviation safety and are differentials in our operation. All departments must strive to implement and maintain the best teaching techniques and practices that support our standard of operating at a high level of safety and efficiency.

e. The Just Culture is cultivated by us and is not punitive, in which human mistakes are treated as opportunities for individual and collective improvement. On the other hand, however, we do not condone intentional violations of aviation safety rules.

f. We promote the voluntary reporting of unsafe actions and conditions as a strategic prevention tool, ensuring that there will be no sanctions against anyone who wants to report any situation in the interest of improving our safety barriers.

g. This policy must be supported by everyone and its faithful compliance depends on all of us, and must remain visible and disseminated throughout the company.


Curitiba, September 21, 2021.


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