1975 – July 4, 1972: The Civil Aviation Department (DAC), Body of the Ministry of Aeronautics, through Ordinance 90, authorized the beginning of operations of the company Tropical Táxi Aéreo Ltda (previously referred to as Helisul).

July 20, 1972: Publication in the Federal Official Gazette No. 6484 about the beginning of Tropical activities.

October 5th, 1972: Effective beginning of the activities of Tropical Táxi Aéreo Ltda. The company was opened by Tropical de Hotéis, with the purpose of supporting tourism in the Iguaçu Falls area – PR. It operated from a helipad located in front of the Hotel Cataratas.

March 17, 1976: The Civil Aviation Department authorizes the change of name to Helisul Táxi Aéreo Ltda. Initially operating in a small hangar on Rodovia das Cataratas, close to the airport in Foz do Iguaçu – PR.

Air transport services performed for inspection of the hydroelectric plant, lake and biological reserves at the service of ITAIPÚ BINACIONAL.

Acquisition of share control of Helisul by the Biesuz family, where Commanders Eloy and Celso Biesuz started to manage the company.

The first flights started from Foz do Iguaçu International Airport. However, due to the large movement of passengers and large aircraft, it proved to be unsuitable for the operation of helicopters, as it does not have a specific area for this, in addition to infrastructure for the departure and arrival hall of passengers, independent of the other flight operations.

From this need, studies were started for the construction of a helipad that would offer the best conditions of safety and comfort to tourists, with the lowest operational cost, in order to make the price of the tour viable.

April 4, 1984: Through Ordinance No. 17, the Fifth Regional Air Command of the Ministry of Aeronautics authorized the registration of the helipad called Helisul II, located on the banks of the Iguaçu River, in front of the Hotel Tropical.

Various types of surveys and studies of the impact on the environment were required and carried out, reaching the unanimous conclusion that a helicopter flight over the Falls would not harm the flora and fauna. On the contrary, it would bring great benefits to tourism in the city of Foz do Iguaçu and its community.

Aircraft Fleet in 1985.
July 1986: The first branch of Helisul Táxi Aéreo opened in the city of Curitiba-PR.
Beginning of the new headquarters construction in Foz do Iguaçu-PR.

October 1991: The company’s second branch opened in the city of Rio de Janeiro-RJ.

08/1991 to 04/1992: Operations to fight cholera in the Amazon region. Flying more than 4,500 hours to transport patients, medical teams, drugs, laboratory equipment at the service of the Pan American Health Organization 0- PAHO and the Ministry of Health.

1991 and 1992: 800 flight hours at the service of IBAMA-DF for the control and inspection of deforestation, irregular burnings and other environmental damage in the Amazon.

The third branch of the company opened at the airport in Florianópolis-SC.

May 16, 1994: Helisul Linhas Aéreas S/A was founded, bearing the title of first airline in the State of Paraná.

It had regular flights from the capital to the cities of Cascavel, Francisco Beltrão, Pato Branco, Guarapuava and also to the cities of Blumenau, Joaçaba, Chapecó, Concórdia and São Miguel do Oeste (SC) and São Paulo (SP).

The company had 04 Bandeirante model aircraft and had approximately 100 employees.

Acquisition of the first helicopters, model 206 L Long Ranger IV by Helisul directly from the manufacturer Bell Helicopter in the USA.

June 1996: Sale of lines operated by Helisul Linhas Aéreas to TAM.

06/1996 to 01/2001: Provision of cargo and passenger air transport services, via helicopters, in support of seismic prospecting work, in charge of CGG, in the land basins of the Amazon region for PETROBRÁS, in a total of 17,347 hours.

1999 to 2002: Approximately 6,000 flight hours for inspection, location, control and fight of illegal burning and forest fires with the bambi bucket equipment, transport of firefighters and brigade members in the Amazon region at the service of IBAMA/PROARCO/PNUD.

July 2003: Opening of a Helisul unit in the city of Manaus-AM.
2004 / 2006: Acquisition of two AS 350 B2 helicopters from Helibrás – Airbus Helicopters.
Acquisition of an MD-600N model helicopter.

In January, a strategic change was made. Coming from the general management of Helisul Táxi Aéreo, from the city of Foz do Iguaçu to Curitiba.

Acquisition of 03 helicopters, 02 models BELL (206 L4) and 01 model Robinson R44. Acquisition of 02 helicopters, 01 model EC 130 B4 from Helibrás – Airbus Helicopters and 01 Robinson R44.

Acquisition of 02 helicopters, 01 model EC 130 B4 from Helibrás – Airbus Helicopters and 01 Robinson R44.

A new base in the city of São José-SC was opened, the third branch of the company.

July 2010:

– The fourth branch of the company was opened in the city of Brasília-DF.

– Acquisition of 03 Bell helicopters, 02 models 206 L4 and 01 206 B3.

– Acquisition of 03 Airbus helicopters, AS 350 B2 models.

August 2010:

– USA – Brazil transfer carried out.

– Acquisition of 02 helicopters model 206 L Long Ranger IV. They were brought from the United States to the Helisul Curitiba base.

Beginning of the physical structuring of facilities for air medical transport at the Curitiba base. Acquisition of state-of-the-art materials and equipment and high technology available in the national and international market.

Acquisition of the King Air B200 model aircraft to provide charter and air medical transport services.

Acquisition of an AS 350 B2 helicopter, from the manufacturer Helibrás – Airbus Helicopters.

Acquisition of the LearJet 45 jet aircraft from the manufacturer BOMBARDIER to shorten long distances, through charter and air medical transport services.

The incorporation of this aircraft places our air medical service in a differentiated condition, enabling Helisul to serve all countries in the AMERICAS.

Refurbishment of the Hangar in Foz do Iguaçu.

Acquisition of 04 helicopters, 02 models EC 350 B2, 01 EC 350 B4 and 01 EC 350 B3, from the manufacturer Helibrás – Airbus Helicopters.

Refurbishment and expansion of one of the hangars at the Curitiba base.

Celebration of 40 years of Helisul Táxi Aéreo.

Acquisition of the Agusta K2 twin-turbine helicopter, used by the best air medical transport services in the world. This model is fully equipped for transporting patients.

Acquisition of 02 helicopters, models EC 130 B4 and AS 350 B3, from the manufacturer Helibrás – Airbus Helicopters.

Delivery of 04 new helicopters by the manufacturer Helibras – Airbus Helicopters, 02 AS350 B2 models and 02 AS350 B3e models.

Turbomeca enters into a in partnership with Helisul Anhein, USA.

Bell Helicopter Board of Directors visits Helisul to strengthen partnership.

Helisul’s 45th anniversary celebration

Opening of the São José dos Pinhais Base, located at the Afonso Pena International Airport.

Helisul is the first company in Latin America to acquire the new Bell 505 helicopters.

Helisul is approved as a Bell and Safran Service Center.

Change in the visual identity of the company’s brand (logo) and also in the trade name, changing its name to Helisul Aviação at that time.

Opening of Brasília – DF Base (Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport).

Opening of São Paulo – SP Base (Congonhas Airport)

Arrival of the aircraft from Norway AS350B3, the orange, affectionately called Viking.
Helisul becomes Airbus Helicopters Service Center.
Helisul announces partnership with Embraer taking over the operation of the “Carro Voador” in Brazil.
Change of Air Medical Logo.
Arrival of the two AW119s from Denver – USA brought by our Commander Eloy, Maranhão and Neto (Chief of Pilots) along with Mechanic Sergio Nascimento. (Koalas) and the EC130 T2 aircraft brought from Mexico by Commander Maranhão and by our Aeronautical Mechanic Thiago Schemin. (EC 130 T2)
Change of Administrative Headquarters.
Acquisition of 2 new trucks to compose our land fleet.