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SAE (Specialized Air Services) is characterized by specific actions that require high expertise from the teams involved due to the complexity of their attributions.

Transmission Line Construction

Helisul has over 100,000 flight hours transporting external loads in works carried out during the construction of Power Transmission Lines, which include:

  • Personnel Transport;
  • Transportation of Wood for making boxes or boxes assembled;
  • Foundation Transport (hardware) and placement in the footing position;
  • Transport of Materials in general (Stubs, compressors, tooling, etc…);
  • Concrete Transport (We have our own buckets for use with an Italian-made helicopter;
  • Transport of all structural hardware of the tower in bundles;
  • Transport and Installation of the Insulator Chain (Only the chain or chain with bandola);
  • Cable laying (Pilotinho) with Canadian equipment;
  • Experienced crew with training inside and outside Brazil.

Use of the Helicopter to build towers minimizes construction time by up to 50%, delivering the work significantly ahead of schedule.

Fire Fighting

Helisul has over 20,000 flight hours with water airdrops with Bambi Bucket (Fire Fighting Equipment).

Work carried out during Fire Fighting:

  • Transport of Brigade members;
  • Transport of Mufflers and Backpack Pump in its own basket, installed on the outside of the aircraft;
  • Analysis of the advance of the fire, making it possible to develop a better fire attack strategy
  • Food and Water Transport to ground personnel in an agile way;
  • Firefighting with the use of Bambi Bucket (Equipment for Water Transport);
  • Pool with a capacity of 18,000 liters of water to support the use of the Bambi Bucket;
  • Transport of motorcycle pumps and hoses in cargo networks.

Aerial Survey

Helisul is registered with the Ministry of Defense as Category “B” and has already totaled more than 7,000 flight hours in geophysical aerial survey operations.

The work carried out consists of:

  • Aerophotogrammetry;
  • Magnetometric;
  • Radiometric;
  • Electromagnetometric – In the Time domain (E.g.: AEROTEM – VTEM – HELITEM).
  • Resolve
Linha de Transmissão

Inspection of transmission lines

With over 25,000 flight hours in line inspection operation, providing services to the largest transmission and power generation companies in Brazil.

Work carried out in the inspection of transmission lines.

  • Inspection of conductors, spacers, lightning insulator chain
  • Inspection of gaps;
  • Vegetation control within the strip;
  • Inspection of constructions and buildings close to drivers;
  • Highly experienced crew with overseas training.

Aerial footage

Helisul has expertise to support filming and live transmission.

Work carried out in the modality.

  • 4K image capture with live streaming;
  • Coverage of the biggest sporting events ever held in Brazil.


Helisul has many flight hours in seismography operation, safely transporting thousands of tons of external cargo with short and long lines.

Work carried out in the seismography inspection:

  • Transport of cables and equipment;
  • Personnel transport;
  • Transport of research material;
  • Fuel transport;
  • Transport of explosives.