Health is a person’s most precious asset and in moments of fragility it is very important to have the support of specialists for their recovery. In 2011, Helisul Aviação implemented its Air Medical Service in the state of Paraná, with coverage of national service and in all countries of South America. Since its inception, valuing quality and creating the concept of “Helisul Standard”, with drugs, materials and equipment of the highest technology available in the national and international market. We have a physical structure in accordance with hospital standards and in compliance with health legislation and a team composed of pilots, co-pilots, doctors, nurses and highly qualified, trained and experienced pharmacists.

With doctors and nurses specialists in aeromedical transport and rescue, proven experience in Urgent and Emergency care, Advanced Life Support (ACLS), Trauma Victim Patient (PHTLS/ATLS/ATCN), Neonatal and Pediatric (PALS/ NALS), major burns and infectious diseases, among other disease conditions. We also have pharmaceutical technical support for the control and management of stocks of materials and inputs, which guarantees the safety of our operation.

Our fleet of aircraft is made up of Helicopters (rotary wing) – indicated for medium distances and with low altitude flights – and Turbo Propeller planes (fixed wing) – used for longer distances and capable of transporting two patients simultaneously accompanied by up to two people. All of them undergo periodic preventive reviews, which provide security for the missions and meet all the requirements set forth in the ANAC regulations.


55 41 3521-3616

To assist you, we have an Operations Control Center – CCO – where you can request a quote and answer questions about our Aeromedical Service.

If necessary, our CCO rents land transport by ambulance so you don’t have to worry about it. After the initial contact, our team will contact you to carry out the medical screening and assess the patient’s condition so that everything happens safely during the flight!

Each patient is unique and has its particularities, so our team of experts is always ready to serve you!

We think about every detail, so that everything goes well at this stage of the treatment and we can guarantee the success of our mission, providing excellent service, attention and care for you and your family!

Our service channels are available every day from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, including weekends and holidays.

*The transport will be carried out after a medical evaluation of the patient’s clinical condition, as well as the meteorological conditions for the flight.

Helisul is authorized to operate in the national territory and in all countries in South America. It thereunto has bases throughout Brazil and partnerships with other companies in the same sector.