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In childhood play at Hangar 11, the love for the profession was born

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The professional destiny within aviation was already mapped out in the life of maintenance inspector Thiago Schemin since he was born. The person responsible for Helisul’s avionics sector was practically created within the company, on the premises of Bacacheri Airport, in Curitiba.

Since he was a child, he used to go with his father to the place where Hangar 11 is now. It was where Afonso Celso Schemin, son of the aircraft mechanic, FAB veteran and former head of maintenance at Helisul, Afonso Celso Schemin, fell in love with aviation. And not just Thiago. His brother, Chalton, hitched a ride, specialized and also worked for the company as a mechanic and helicopter pilot – today he works for a company in Camboriú (SC).

Thiago’s father worked at Cindacta II and lived in Vila dos Sargentos, as Thiago tells it. “He was sergeant. And I was always with him in the hangar. When there were flight parties at the Aeroclube do Paraná, he was always together. And always helping my father. It had tools, a paratrooper’s helmet, ”he recalls.

The maintenance inspector moved on with the objective of joining aviation and joined Helisul in 1996, as an electronics technician, graduated from the former Federal Center for Technological Education of Paraná (Cefet-PR) – today the Federal Technological University of Paraná (UTFPR) ). The beginning was with Bandeirante planes. Two years later, he started maintaining helicopters. “I was one of the pioneers in helicopter maintenance at Bacacheri”, he is proud.

Thiago worked at the company for five years and decided to take on another (and different) love. He married Andressa Schemin, also a professional in the area, but focused on administration, and left Curitiba. From 2001 to 2007, they went to live in Criciúma (SC), where they set up a company in the tourism segment.

The couple had other businesses and two children as well, a girl and a boy. Six years have passed and the feeling for aviation has hit hard. Until, in 2008, Thiago and Andressa decided to return to the capital of Paraná. In April of that year, he started studying Aeronautical Sciences at the Tuiuti University of Paraná (UTP), and returned to the ‘arms’ of Helisul. This time involved with navigation and communication systems, autopilot and aircraft flight control. “When I came back, I went to the electronics area. One of my masters, Manoel Quaresma, taught me much of what I know today. A teacher”, praises Thiago, with affection for the “master”.

With the experience and all the teachings passed on by Manoel, Thiago says he is professionally fulfilled. “I love what I do. Every day is something new, a learning experience. We never know everything, every day discovers a new part. I like to ask for help if I have questions, I always try to ask, ”he says.

But whenever he can, he is passionate about helping his colleagues. “I really like helping people, when the breakdown is more difficult, I always try to explain. I do video conferencing if necessary. People really like it.”

Among these co-workers, Thiago cites Daniel and David, whom he praises. “They help me a lot, they are always ready. I adore them. There are also Bruno (São Paulo) and Amauri (Brasília). Altogether, we have five avionics at Helisul”, he says.

After leaving the company, changing cities and careers, and returning to the beginning of everything, Thiago does not think about leaving aviation. “I’m staying at Helisul. It’s the area I like. If all goes well, I’ll stay here until I retire.”

Well, whether the Schemin family saga continues within aviation remains to be seen. On the one hand, Thiago’s firstborn, teenager Ana Carolina, 15, already knows what she wants and the segment is not part of the plans. “Her dream is to study medicine”, reveals her father.

On the other hand, there’s little Gustavo, just eight years old, who, according to Thiago, is already a sucker for tools, and could surprise.