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Helisul provides in-house training with in-house talent

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As a way to encourage the professional development of employees and recognize talent within the company itself, depending on the area of activity, Helisul Aviação created the Knowledge School, in February 2021, and it already starts to see the results of this internal training project. In these first nine months, around 2,000 hours of virtual (recorded and live) and face-to-face training were provided in more than 135 courses.


“In the beginning we had only one dream, one project. This project took shape and we are still building the house. There’s still a lot to do. However, our assessment is that the School has contributed a lot in the application of knowledge to employees”, evaluates People manager & Management of Helisul, Eleida Pontes.  

The continuing education program serves a universe of approximately 500 employees from various sectors. It concentrates the management of a part of the training and the support for the training that was already offered in the company, in addition extra support for the area of management and leadership training.

The School of Knowledge has focus on development professional, behavioral and competences for the management of people and processes, in addition to courses aimed at the application of training in technical, mandatory and operational safety standards, as well as certifications, standards and procedures.

According to Eleida, the project is built step by step. There are still many challenges for developers and instructors “O mthe biggest challenge for both, without a doubt, is adapting to the virtual world. However, the online tool has contributed a lot towards uniting the people who make up Helisul from the north to the south of the country in the same environment, receiving the same information at the same time and, for the most part, in real time”, he says. the People & Management of Helisul.

Ketly Kuster da Costa, 28 years old, graduated in Accounting Sciences and post-graduated in Controllership, has been a collaborator at Helisul Aviação for six and a half years and one of the participants of the several trainings promoted at the School since the beginning of the program. Among the courses she took, Tax Update is one of the ones she highlights.

“We learned a little more about tax withholding and the sector needed this update, mainly because in the accounting area there are many changes in legislation. So it was of great importance”, account. Ketly also underwent training on familiarization with GSO, Solid Waste and Basic Excel. “They were certainly of great importance to everyone, because the way the School is being organized has helped a lot.”

The Accounting Analyst, however, was not just a student. She learned a lot, but also had the opportunity to share knowledge with other company colleagues. “I myself provided training for the base staff, regarding some fiscal operations. It was very important, because in addition to sharing knowledge, I also learned from it”, reveals Ketly.

For the employee, the School of Knowledge project meets the interest of employees in keeping their learning up to date and being able to share experiences. “It is something that adds a lot of value to us, whether professionally or in our personal lives. The project is under development, but it has certainly been good for all employees, whether within Helisul or in life outside.

Hybrid teaching model

The Helisul School of Knowledge training takes place in a mix of internal and external instructors, according to demand and the expertise required for the context of the desired training. So far, more than 40 instructors have passed in all. The duration also depends on the expected workload. There are trainings from 4 hours to 24 hours and the classes are both recorded and live, and on some occasions in person, at the School itself.

In 2022, the program will continue in a hybrid model. According to Eleida, the completion of the physical structure of the Knowledge School is scheduled for next year. “The goal is to make it a warm, motivating and inspiring environment. In addition, we intend to implement a specific virtual page for the School, a digital platform, among others, that facilitates access and adds value to the knowledge of our employees.”