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Helisul launches exclusive fragrance to perfume company spaces

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Anyone who enters Helisul Aviação spaces from the second half of July onwards will feel as if they are walking in the open air, with a cool breeze hitting their face. The feeling comes from the novelty adopted by the company: an exclusive fragrance that aims to make the experience of customers and employees much more pleasant.

The perfume will not be sold, but will become part of the brand’s identity, being present in the company’s VIP rooms across the country.

The idea of “fresh breeze” was presented by the company and developed by perfumer Isadora Spinhardi, founder of I One Fragrances. For this, she used a base of rosemary, which has invigorating properties and reduces physical fatigue, mental exhaustion and discouragement, while stimulating concentration and memory, and renewing the energies of the environment.

Musk and cedar are also part of the formula, helping the fragrance to calm and renew the energies of the environment. The citrus notes, which guarantee the feeling of freshness, come from Sicilian lemon and bergamot. The combination of elements is exclusive to Helisul and cannot be used by other companies. The formula was created based on the testimony of some of the company’s oldest employees, precisely to capture the essence of what Helisul is.

Initially, the company will only use the perfume derived from the fragrance developed, but, according to Isadora, the “smell of Helisul” may also be present in creams, diffusers, candles and other aromatic products.

Benefits for customers, employees and the company

“Our goal is always to offer the best possible experience to our customers, but throughout the process we realized that the proposal would bring benefits to everyone involved”, explains Helisul’s Marketing supervisor, Jeniffer Pimenta.

“Customers can now feel more welcome and relaxed in our spaces and employees, in turn, more comfortable in their workplace. As a result, they tend to reciprocate what they receive, with loyalty and motivation to carry out their duties. Now the passion for flying has also gained aroma”, concludes the supervisor.

Jeniffer’s explanation is ratified by perfumer Isadora Spinhardi. “There are psychology studies that show that an olfactory identity adds value to brands in general, because it improves the customer experience, which is reflected in the time spent in spaces, perception of the product or service, desire to consume, ticket average,” he explains.