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Helisul and EVE start selling tickets for simulated urban air mobility operations

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Simulation will be carried out with a Bell 505 model helicopter

In cooperation with Helisul Aviação and other strategic partners and government entities, Eve Air Mobility, from Embraer, will start the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) simulation in Rio de Janeiro in November. Tickets for the simulated operation began to be sold today (26).

The simulation is part of an operation concept (CONOPS) started in August this year, to integrate urban air mobility into Brazilian airspace. The innovative initiative has the participation of more than 50 specialists from 12 institutions, who are mapping the operation processes and services, with the objective of identifying the needs of users, the community and other interested parties.

The route will connect Barra da Tijuca to RIOgaleão by means of a Helisul Bell 505 helicopter. The simulation considers values close to what is expected in the future for an operation with an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL), also known in the market as EVA (Electric Vertical Aircraft).

The sale of tickets will be carried out through the Flapper application. Prices range from BRL 99.99 to BRL 599.99, depending on the day and time of flight.