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Expansion: Helisul’s aircraft fleet grows 10% to serve the market

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Helisul Aviação’s helicopter fleet increased by 10% in the last 12 months, to support the growth in market demand in the segment of specialized air services, one of Helisul’s greatest expertise, which includes today with a fleet of 54 aircraft, 47 helicopters and 7 planes.


Even in a period of economic and health crisis that plagues worldwide, Helisul acquired four more helicopters, two manufactured by Airbus Helicopters and two by Leonardo Helicopters, all destined for specialized air service contracts closed in 2021. “This is the result of the excellence of the services provided by the company, whose fleet is operating throughout Brazil”, says Helisul’s operational superintendent, Bruno Biesuz.


The executive points out that the company grows an average of 10% every year and it was no different even in this pandemic period, when helicopters are in great demand and providing services of great importance to the country. “Aircraft have been used in aeromedical operations, to support the transport of vaccines and to remove patients”, he points out.


Likewise, specialized air services support to the construction of infrastructure, which, as Biesuz recalls, did not stop in Brazil even when the pandemic crisis was at its height. “The helicopter is really essential for jobs such as construction of transmission lines and infrastructure in hard-to-reach places. Brazil is a continental country and still has a lot to be built in terms of basic infrastructure, making the demand for helicopters grow”, he analyzes.


Helisul’s excellence in providing services contributes to this increase in the company’s fleet. “The company provides an outstanding service in the market. Brazil has a deficiency in service provision and at Helisul one of the company’s values is excellence. As a result, we have increased the number of contracts and employees year after year. Today, there are more than 500 employees, up from 300 in 2015.”


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The four new Helisul helicopters were acquired in the market international market, already committed to meeting specialized air service contracts. They arrived from the United States, Norway and Mexico. Some came flying and others were transported partially disassembled on air freighters. Two Leonardo AW119MK2 models were selected; plus an H130-T2 and an AS350B3+, from Airbus Helicopters.


From Brazil, aircraft are selected through specialized websites. It is possible to filter by year of manufacture, configuration, accessories, model, accumulated flight hours, as well as evaluating the parts and components that need to be renewed. “We do the pre-selection and then, through a pre-purchase inspection, we audit the aircraft physically, to check the entire maintenance program, analyze the entire maintenance history and technical documentation regarding strict compliance with the publications of the respective manufacturers and of the regulatory agencies of civil aviation in the country of origin. All this so that the aircraft, as soon as it arrives in Brazil, can be approved by ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency) to receive the airworthiness certificate, and can be engaged in the company’s operating fleet. Among these analyzed items, the traceability of the technical documentation, the operational performance of the aircraft and the performance of the engines are items of great importance”, details the Helisul superintendent.


With the help of a specialized company, it was possible to carry out the entire process of purchasing aircraft from a distance with total security. After sending reports and approval, the purchase of each of the helicopters is carried out. When the time comes to transport the aircraft to Brazil, it is necessary to carefully analyze the form of importation to define whether it is flying or semi-disassembled via sea or air cargo. Naturally, the place where the purchased aircraft is, the urgency and the costs are the factors that weigh most in this decision.


“If you are in a region not too far from Brazil, it is possible to bring the helicopter flying. We brought it from the United States and Mexico like this, after obtaining authorization for the transfer from ANAC”, he says.


From Norway, in turn, the aircraft needed be imported as air cargo. In this case, the helicopter was dismantled enough to be able to be transported. “As soon as it cleared through customs, we brought it to the Bacacheri base, reassembled and re-certified.”


If necessary, the device is customized. It was the case of the helicopter that arrived more recently. “He was red. We assembled and installed several contractually required accessories and are now adding the customer’s colors”, reveals Biesuz. The last step is to send the updated documentation to Anac, so that it is approved by the Agency and released to fly. All of this is possible thanks to Helisul’s excellent maintenance team, with more than 100 employees, highly trained and always ready to support with dedication the entire fleet of Helisul and several customers who bring their helicopters for maintenance at the company”, highlights Biesuz .