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Enchanting customers looking for excitement in the sky of Rio de Janeiro

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Helisul Aviação has, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, a number of customers in the panoramic flight sales sector. The voice that captivates and the positive energy that surrounds each person who comes into contact with the operator’s office in the capital of Rio de Janeiro is Vera Lúcia Dias Festas.

The carioca has been a collaborator at Helisul since 1999. Born into a family of educators and trained in Literature, Vera was carried away by numbers. Currently, she is responsible for the company’s sales sector, under the umbrella of Helisight, which belongs to the group.

Vera negotiates the panoramic flight services offered by the company with tour operators and contributes to the personnel department. There are 23 years of great dedication to Helisul, conducted under the watchful eye of the commercial director, Luis Carlos Munhoz da Rocha, whom she considers a guide.

“He was my mentor. We got along really well and he found my place here, which is in the sales area”, she says. Vera also talks about helping the executive on a day-to-day basis, as a kind of right-hand man. “Luis is the heart of Helisul in Rio de Janeiro and I support him with correspondence, e-mails, I get in touch with people, I receive, in short, work very closely linked to him”, she reveals.

Vera joined Helisul as an office assistant and soon was invited by the commercial director to work for Helisight, responsible for sales of panoramic flight packages. At the time, the office was in Ipanema. It was almost two years there.

In 2000, Helisul bought an office on the other side of Jardim de Alá and the girl (from the office) from Ipanema, along with the entire ‘crew’, moved to a new address in the neighboring Leblon neighborhood.

Between one move and another, Vera worked in several areas within the company, always involved with reports and the personnel department, until she ended up in sales, where she feels accomplished.

“I like sales even more. After several sectors, I fit in much better in this area”, says Vera. She says that one of the great riches during all these years of interacting with clients was the great friendships she made, even on the other side of the telephone wire.

The voice of sympathy at Helisul

Like an airport announcer, Vera is better known for her voice than her appearance. And she has fun with it. “I’m not a person known personally, just my voice. Here in the area I am known as the voice of Helisul. We’ve had clients who, out of curiosity, came to see me, sent me a gift. I think it’s because we treat our clientele with great hospitality.”

Always with open arms for friends and clients, such as Christ the Redeemer, all this joy and sympathy were not always present in the employee’s life. With little time in Helisul, Vera suffered the loss of her husband, who died of a heart attack. Widowed at the age of 43 and with an 11-year-old son to love and raise, she immersed herself in her work and her mission to offer the best she could for the boy. But it wasn’t easy.

“It was a very big trauma. Alone, with a child. But, thank God, Marcelo is now 33 years old, he is a physical education teacher. I think if he didn’t have this support of working and living with so many people, he wouldn’t have endured so much suffering. Here, even if you are sad, after a while you are laughing”, he says.

Before Helisul

Vera had two other jobs before arriving at Helisul. She worked in a jeweler’s office for seven years, then 12 years at a German company trading drawing and writing materials. Not even before joining the aviation company did she exercise the profession in which she chose to improve.

The collaborator confesses that, when she took the Literature course, as she herself says “back there, so young and innocent”, she wanted to be a writer, stand out and find brilliant minds. But that’s not what happened. “The need to work with it has passed. Who knows when to get old.”

Despite the fact that she has not taken her career as a professional in Letters forward, the two apparently very different areas have their similarities. Wouldn’t the enchantment of flying be like traveling through the pages of a book? “Seeing emotion. The person may even be upset, but when they board, they forget all about it. When he returns, he wants to hug everyone he sees in front of him.”

Party for Vera

Hugs that will soon be for Vera. She is about to complete 65 autumns: “April 23, Saint George’s Day”, as she stresses. A date to celebrate, to celebrate for Vera. The gift she already won and, according to her, is for life.

“I feel welcomed, respected, loved, supported by Helisul. When I had covid, the company supported me and gave me strength, again, so I could recover. I feel very happy here.”